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 Oksana Tanasiv Thursday, 20 Oct 2016, 4:17 PM
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1.Prices depend of how detailed painting is and how big the area is. More details - higher price, and bigger area - lower price.I charge $17-$50 per sq.feet depends of details. It can cost you only $100 if you want to add to your wall decor just couple flowers...

Ceiling work is 1½ times price of wall work.

Please find below four categories of mural painting. It will help you to estimate your project.

Type A   $17-$24    Some details

This type of mural contains some details on the wall such as flowers, leaves, branches, clouds…

Type B $22-$32     Graphic décor

 This type of murals includes also the Children's Princess Island, Barbie, as they have more detail than simple cartoonish figures.  Ceiling work is 1½ times price of wall work.

Type C, D $24-$40 Realistic low details

Garden scenes, landscapes & animals;  more detailed child rooms, such as fairies, castles, & unicorns, would be Type C or D, depending on density.

Type D $34-$50     Realistic high details

 High detail consists of buildings, any architectural structures, cars, ships, and human figures, as well as detailed animal figures.


2. Time depends on the size of the area to be painted and the degree of details. The project can run from one day to one month.

3. I use only artist-quality, water-based, acrylic paints which are nontoxic. For other works, such as faux finishes, I can add glazes, plasters, metallic colors for desired effects. For marble faux finishes I use artistic oil colors.

4. My consultation and estimate is free. I ask about 30% of price before I start project and 70% at the end.

5. Ideas of my customers always come from the sources like that. Yes, I can paint any picture that you find in magazine or book. For a perfect design I can also match the colors or decor on your pillows, sofa, or other interesting details of the interior.

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