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  Oksana Tanasiv

"Oksana born in Ukraine is an amazing and rising artist/painter who took a risk to make her dream come true leaving home country to pursue her goals. She started from scratch to succeed. The success story of this young incredible artist shows that American dream still exist for those who have the courage to experiment new challenges, believe in them and work hard with dedication..."

"AlizeLavie Magazine", April 2013 Issue







1996 - Associate degree at Chortkiv Pedagogical School, Ukraine;

1999 - Bachelor degree at Ternopil State University, Psychology Major, Ukraine;

2003 - Bachelor degree at Ternopil State Academy of Economy, Major of Business Management, Ukraine;

2011 - Bachelor degree at University of Connecticut, Major of Business Communications, CT, U.S.A;


Oksana Tanasiv was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. Her passion for art was ignited as a young child when, while only four years old, she received her first paint brush from her father. In the early 90's she had the opportunity to formerly develop her talent by attending art classes at the Chortkiv Pedagogical School. Oksana continued to develop art skills through years of practice and hard work. Although she dedicated her formative years to earning degrees in Psychology and Business at two Ukrainian institutes, she remained faithful to developing her artistic skills by painting whenever time allowed. After moving to the United  States in 2004, Oksana overcame the challenges of being in a new country without speaking the language and support. In a few years she mastered her new language and  graduated from the University of Connecticut as a Bachelor of General Studies. Despite her overwhelming workload, she never lost her artistic passion. Over time, she developed collections of art which includes architectural scenes, landscapes as well as a series Woman World. She uses individual technique of Swarovski® crystals on canvas to create their jewelries and dresses. Some of her pieces contain up to 1,000 Swarovski® crystals clued to canvas. Her most recent series of work called Dollar Art. It consists of political and social images clearly influenced by her memories of the Ukraine and economical situation in the world. For creation of this collection Oksana is using a technique of dollar bills on canvas.



Today, Oksana Tanasiv is a well recognized contemporary realistic artist with artwork sold throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ukraine. 

In 2009, Oksana Tanasiv was a finalist of The International Art Competition sponsored by Direct Art magazine (New York). 

In October of 2010 her art was a part of the International Art Exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico and she was a featured artist in the "Santa Fe's Best" magazine. In 2010 Oksana Tanasiv worked as a TV anchor on NewsButterfly on MNN channel. 

Her notoriety has continued in 2011, including being featured as the artist of the month by Dstripped Magazine, NYC in February 2011. 

In  December of 2011 Oksana Tanasiv became a winner of national juried art competition provided by U.S.A. art magazine "Studio Visit”. Her collection Dollar Art was published in the spring volume, 2012.

In September of 2012 Oksana presented her Fashion Collection at New York Fashion Week. The unique collection of oil paintings with Swarovski® mosaic and fabric impressed fashion enthusiasts, designers, and press. 

Oksana Tanasiv is an exhibitor of international trade shows. She showed her collections at one of the biggest world exhibitions Art Expo New York in  2012 and 2013.





"Art is philosophy of the world given through images. It’s an important intellectual message, power that could change person's mind..."


"I like challenges in life. They help to improve personality and reach the highest goals. Life without difficulties is too boring. Life has to be  a balance of positive and negative things. Art brings this balance into my life and gives me pleasure, relaxation and comfort. I hope that people feel the same through my images”  


"The engine of art are emotions... It doesn't matter positive emotions or negative. They need to be, they are necessary to create the art... "



"Роль справжнього художника - відображати реальність життя а не ''припудрювати'' негативи суспільства. Якщо хтось ігнорує проблемu і мириться, то художник розкриває існуючу проблему через філософію зображень..."(ukr.)


                                                                      Oksana Tanasiv




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